Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chinese Gold Miners in Otago (NZ)

I discovered this painting of Chinese goldminers in Otago by Ben Ho, a Chinese New Zealand artist, and realized these miners are wearing berets. I started an extensive search to find more paintings, photographs, etc, but found very little. 
I did find this picture (above), again of goldminers in Otago, resting in front of their stone hut. It's a small picture unfortunately, but two of the men do appear to wear a beret. 


  1. Well, as beret-lover I'd love to say that the chinese folks in the painting are wearing berets, but I think there's chance that they are sporting the traditional "chinese" hairstyle (forced upon the chinese by the Manchus, actually): shaved in the front, and long braided ponytail on the rear half of the heads... I think the braids could be rolled on the head a-la-Yulia Timoshenko for practical work.

    Still, those in picture look like berets to me :)

    Paolo from Italy

  2. E medo punto capicollo. E non dimenticare di aggiungere il vino e le olive e il formaggio ahhhh il formaggio e panini!