Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hats of Jerusalem

A visitor to Jerusalem is immediately struck by the incredible variety of people--of different ethnicities, nationalities and religions--who throng the narrow passageways of the old city. It soon becomes clear that specific groups within this crowd, almost all of whom sport headgear of varying shapes, sizes, textures and colors, can be distinguished by their hats.

As Hats of Jerusalem reveals, there are reasons beyond mere protection from the weather for the varieties of distinctive headwear on display. Indeed, there is a history, a story, behind each type of hat, which filmmaker Nati Adler explores in this whimsical yet informative documentary with a good many berets in the mix.

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  1. The part about being fitted for a hat was interesting. Men need this kind of service again to help them to buy a hat which suits and flatters them. Even beret wearers need this same advice as not all berets are created equal and there are many different ways to adjust the beret on one's head.