Thursday, August 11, 2016

Plum Grower Benoît Lefèvre

Although the lack of water causes a poor harvest this year, the sun allowed the fruit to be much sweeter than usual.
In his fifty-year career, this is the first year that Benoît Lefèvre harvests so few plums. Less than half of last year; usually the pruniculteur with the beret collects 180 tons. “I watered as if I was in a desert, but what was really lacking, is the fertilization of flowers on his 8 ha of plum trees – a phenomenon that can’t be explained.
Behind his moustache, Benoît Lefèvre keeps smiling as the eternal optimist he is. "I'm not whining but rather critical about the situation," he says. Unlike many of his  neighbors, Benoît Lefèvre still has some water in his pond. 

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