Monday, August 1, 2016


Havank, pseudonym of Hendrikus Frederikus (Hans) van der Kallen (1904 –1964), was a Dutch writer, journalist and translator. He published over 30 crime novels and is considered one of the founding fathers of the Dutch detective genre.
Van der Kallen was born in Leeuwarden and, under the pen-name of Havank, published over 30 crime-novels and stories, with as principal characters French police officers Bruno Silvère and Charles C.M. Carlier (the latter better known as De Schaduw, "the Shadow").
During World War II Havank worked as an editor and occasionally as a war correspondent for the London edition of the Dutch weekly Vrij Nederland. Shortly after the war he was invited to ghost-write the memoirs of Lieutenant-Colonel Oreste Pinto, the original spycatcher. These memoirs were serialized in the News Chronicle.
The Dutch police named its forensic fingerprinting system Havank in Havank's honour.

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