Wednesday, November 2, 2016


The word Cateto means a person from the back country in Spanish; from the small towns and villages. All "catetos" share a lack of culture, are religious and work in the fields. If you don’t want to be punched by one, best to always speak positively of a cateto's town or village, always emphasize how much you like it and how beautiful it is.
For a Cateto the best woman to marry is the one who doesn't have a job, is good in the kitchen and wants to stay at home with the kids all day. 
A Catetoa is quite similar to American rednecks, hicks and bumpkins (but without fire-arms!).
A "gañan" is the grandpa of a "catetos" familie. All "catetos" wear tight wool pants, no matter what temperature or weather. The beret is another typical mark for them.
The cateto is also known as: Paleto or Pueblerino.


  1. Funny; Miguel Gila (a well-known stand-up comedian from the forties on) said once "A beret is something you lift and there's a cateto under it"

  2. Rednecks in berets. It's too horrible to even try to think about. I guess even berets have a hillbilly side.