Sunday, November 27, 2016

Los Monegros

Los Monegros is a comarca (county) in Áragon, Spain. It is located within the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca. The area is prone to chronic droughts, and much of the area is a natural region made up of badlands. The Sierra de Alcubierre mountain chain crosses the comarca from Northwest to Southeast. Its maximum elevation is 822 meters, at the mountain called Oscuro. The climate is semiarid, with scarce rainfall and high temperatures in the autumn. The area has numerous saltwater and freshwater lakes, including the Lake of Sariñena and the Lake of la Playa.
In December 2007, the local government in their infinite wisdom announced that the comarca had been chosen for the site of the Gran Scala, a huge European project to build a "destination city of leisure for all ages." Designed to include numerous theme parks and casinos, the area would become one of the primary entertainment centers of Europe. I prefer to see the sites of the shepherd above, leading his flock through the Monegros badlands. 


  1. I prefer *your* wisdom, to the "infinite" one of this local govern !-)

  2. As the T-Shirt said, 'Monegros - Where lizards do sweat'...