Friday, November 4, 2016

Les Bidochon

Les Bidochon is a series of French comic strips created by Christian Binet. 

The characters of the saga appear for the 1st time as secondary characters in the magazine Fluide glacial, in 1977, before becoming  full-fledged heroes the following year.
The current series was published from 1979 in Fluide glacial. It makes a satirical portrait of Robert and Raymonde Bidochon, a French couple ruled by today’s consumer society.
The series is entirely in black and white, except for the cover. In the first album the author is especially minimalist; tired of drawing, he simply notes the name of the object to be represented.
Robert Eugene Louis Bidochon is the hero; Lazy, angry, cowardly, vain and narrow (according to his father). Raymonde Jeanne Martine Bidochon (born Galopin ) is the heroine. She is the thinking person of the couple.

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