Friday, September 7, 2018

Jesús Comín y Sagüés

Jesús Comín y Sagüés was a Spanish Carlist politician and soldier. He has been twice elected deputy to the Republican Cortes. He is also recognized for his role during early days of the Civil War, when he decisively contributed to Nationalist seizure of Zaragoza and large part of Aragón.
During his lifetime Comín gained recognition mostly locally in Zaragoza and Aragón; it was only the Carlist press which hailed him nationwide as a great orator and "catedrático". His very belligerent interventions in the Cortes at times gained him attention beyond the Traditionalist realm.  
His zeal earned him also some ridicule on part of the hostile press, which did not miss the opportunity to quote him declare in excitement that "yo soy Jesús Comín, y les doy mi nombre porque cuando digo una cosa me gusta responder de ella" (I am Jesus Comin, and I give them my name because when I say something I like to answer for it), drawing mocking comparisons to Nero or Napoleon.

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