Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Valentín de Zubiaurre Aguirrezábal

Valentín de Zubiaurre Aguirrezábal (1879 - 1963), was a Spanish Basque painter. He was born deaf and dumb, as was his brother Ramón de Zubiaurre , also a painter, three years younger than him. Both were children of the musical composer Valentín de Zubiaurre Urionabarrenechea.
Originally from the Basque town of Garay , the Zubiaurre family lived in the capital of Spain, where the father obtained a position as musical teacher in the chapel of the Royal Palace.
Valentin began his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1894, continuing later with the painters Muñoz Degrain and Alejandro Ferrant and Carlos de Haes. In 1898 he made a trip through the Netherlands, France and Italy to complete his training.
For a while he lived in Segovia, attracted by the types and the Castilian landscape, which he profusely used in his painting. During his stay in the town he lived in the Palace of the Count of Cheste.
He cultivated a costumbrista painting style, in which the Basque and Castilian themes proliferated and where the solidity of the figures was interpenetrated with a deep sense of color. It was not easy for him to get official recognition. At a time when naturalism and impressionism were the dominant trends, Zubiaurre made a more intellectual painting, combining on the one hand the mastery of his art with the intellectual elaboration of the idea.
He died in Madrid in 1962.

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