Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Malvern Star Streamlined Bicycle

Australia leads the world in cycle fashion. The recent development of the streamlined bicycle has put Australia ahead of any other country in the world, said an engineering expert of Bruce Small Pty Ltd (in 1948). 

He said that, although some American bicycles for boys were streamlined, they were also heavy enough to make them impractical and that the Malvern Star with the new look was a streamlined lightweight improvement that was stronger and more resilient than any conventional bicycle on the market. City shops are featuring the new look cycles and frocks.
Some of Malvern Star’s adverts announcing this revolutionary new bicycle have a herald (wearing a beret) proclaiming ‘BS’ …which might not initially inspire confidence in the product.
The bicycle’s first incarnation was a ‘Coronation’ gent’s machine in 1937. This was the year of the coronation of King George VI. Sir Hubert Opperman seems to happily enjoy the ride.

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