Sunday, September 9, 2018

Old Jewish Men

A delight on Instagram is the (almost daily updated) page of Old Jewish Men; not just for the beautiful shots of... old Jewish men, but just as much for the accompanying texts!
“You will never see me wearing the color blue. I can’t stand the color blue, and anyone who says differently doesn’t know anything about me and can’t be trusted.”
"For those of you asking, no we have not yet found out if this man is Yogi Berra. If you have answers or insider information, please send inquires to the OJM office direct message line. Shabbat Shalom."
"We've been married since 1971. Think of how many meals that is. Wasn't like this when I was working. Every single meal...together. Thank god we can argue to pass the time. I feel bad for couples who just sit there."

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