Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New: Super Luxury Berets from the Czech Republic

Three new custom made berets at South Pacific Berets! 
The Faldina 12" is TONAK-FEZCO's Super Luxury model; a generously sized beret in ultra soft, densely felted wool fitted with the traditional tartan lining. 
These grand berets are made exclusively for South Pacific Berets and available three colours: Vermillion (Red), Marbled Charcoal and Roskam-Ox @ 48.50.
What is "Roskam-Ox"? This beret is an homage to my friend Pieter Roskam (27 April 1950 - 28 October 2014). Pieter was an artist in the true sense of the word, in the work he produced as a graphic artist, photographer, silkscreen printer and painter, as well in his way of living - always with a keen and open eye, but going his own way. 
One of Pieter's most recognizable peculiarities was that he always dressed in Bordeaux - from socks and shoes to his berets. Pieter had a large number of Bordeaux coloured berets in all sizes and qualities and I am sure he would have loved to have seen (and worn) this Super Luxury model in a light, marbled Bordeaux.
The name Roskam-Ox comes from his website RoskamOxTxapeldun.

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