Thursday, August 17, 2023

John Butler #2

At 86, a British farmer has become a YouTube star and inspired millions of people. In his videos, John Butler shares his thoughts on life, and each of his videos is gaining millions of views.

John Butler loves being alone. Every day at 5 o'clock in the morning he comes to the old church and prays and meditates for two hours. Then until the evening he is engaged in farming, because half a century ago he became one of the first "organic" farmers and since then has been exploring the possibilities of nature "without additives". In the evenings, he records his videos, which, according to the audience, "help to cope with any problems."

John's popularity can hardly be called accidental - before his appearance on the Web, he had already managed to write and publish several books on spiritual development. One day, a television producer found these books at a village charity fair and invited then 79-year-old John to record several videos for the Conscious Television YouTube channel, which had an audience of over 2 million subscribers. John simply answered the host's questions, talked about his life, and these interviews gained a huge number of views.

In his 80s, John decided he wanted to reach out to people directly and started his own channel, Spiritual Discovery with John Butler.

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