Friday, December 3, 2010

The Caddy with Jerry Lewis

The Caddy is a 1953 American film starring the comedy team of Martin and Lewis

The story centers around Harvey Miller (Jerry Lewis), whose father was a famous golf pro. He wanted Harvey to follow in his footsteps, but poor Harvey is afraid of crowds. Instead, at the advice of his fiancée Lisa (Barbara Bates), Harvey becomes a golf instructor. Lisa's brother Joe (Dean Martin) becomes Harvey's first client and becomes good enough to start playing in tournaments, with Harvey tagging along as his caddy. Donna Reed plays the wealthy socialite who Dean wins over.
Joe's success goes to his head and begins to treat Harvey poorly. They begin to quarrel and cause a disruption at a tournament and Joe is disqualified. However, a talent agent witnesses the spectacle and advices that they go into show business.
Harvey conquers his fear and they become successful entertainers. At the end, Harvey and Joe meet up with another comedy team who look just like them, Martin and Lewis.

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