Friday, December 24, 2010

Tough Women

This is not a joke.

"Do we do more than just shopping? Yes, we do. We fight. For a better world. In a real army." 
Please meet the Tough Women ("Stoere Vrouwen", in Dutch), dressed in army fatigues with pink pumps and beret, roaming the streets of Dutch cities, fighting for sustainable, ethical shopping and housekeeping.
Their motto: 
"We, young women, are more important than ever. We are going to save nature, promote charity and the proper treatment of animals. And we do so... by shopping! Everything, from the way we dress, eat, drink, keep our houses, spend our holidays to giving gifts makes a real difference to the world! 
Unfortunately, world-improving shopping is not so easy. How do you know where a product comes from?Who made it? What's inside? And it's not too expensive? No wonder most of us opt for convenience and just load up our shopping cart with the things we have always bought.
Therefore, check out our web site with information and tips and all about Tough Women."

Who could possibly be against this? Still, hard to stop laughing...
Tough woman in an electric Lotus

1 comment:

  1. You go, ladies! An admirable mission. Yes, the pink high heels and berets are colourful but I applaud what they are trying to do. More of us need to follow suit and do sustainable shopping instead of being led by the manufacturers, big business and the marketing gurus.