Monday, December 20, 2010

The India Series #1 - Pilot Baba

The man is Pilot Baba, so called because before he turned into a spiritual guru, he was a pilot with the Indian air force.
Pilot Baba is one of many spiritual leaders to be found among the millions of Hindu pilgrims at the Ardh Kumbh Mela festival grounds in the northern Indian city of Allahabad.

Pilot Baba, a Mahayogi and  revered Hindu spiritual leader, was known as Kapil Singh before he turned to spiritualism. He was a pilot of  the Indian Air Force and during the 1965 India-Pakistan war, he flew several sorties over Pakistani territory. Reports say his bombings killed many. But he decided to leave that life after he had a near death experience while flying a MiG aircraft in 1966. 
According to him when the controls failed he had a vision of his guru Hari Baba. He appeared in the cockpit of the plane and helped him land safely. After that experience he decided to become a Mahayogi and travel the world spreading the message of Love, Samadhi and Self realisation. His followers believe that Pilot Baba has special healing powers. He is famous for performing Samadhi, or death by interment. He claims to have buried himself in the Samadhi ceremony more than 100 times.
Generally dressed in a saffron sarong and a bright orange shawl, the only remnant of his air force past is a cadet's maroon beret he wears over his head.

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