Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feedback, Please

Dear regular readers,
Since both my beloved wife and a good friend found they needed to point out that the picture on the 'new web site' is superb anti-advertising ("visitors will think it's you!", "the guy's is green - he's sick!", "who'd ever buy a beret if these guys are your role-models?" and similar comments), I guess I'd better take a reality check by asking my audience for their opinion.
Please let me know what you think! Is my sense of humor too much to grasp for the average Beret Project visitor? Or don't I get it and have to seriously rethink my advertising?
Drop me an email or leave a comment below. Much, much appreciated!


  1. Daan, I think most people who buy and wear berets are, let's face it, slightly unusual or even what others might call eccentric. I doubt that many would come to your site in search of a conventional fashion statement.

    That said, I think that some of the best, yet most underused, pictures I've seen here are those of the gauchos—there are some great ones of fathers and sons, or younger lads on horseback. Perhaps one or two of those in a prominent place might help persuade the next generation of the virtues of our favourite headwear.

    Best wishes
    Jolyon (14 berets and counting!)

  2. Keep up the good work, Daan! You do a good job promoting your wares. If people think those old codgers are you, it just make me chuckle away! Of course we're an eccentric number who wear berets. What's wrong with that? You are promoting boinas/berets but also appreciating the great people who wear them. Good writing Jolyon!
    David (35 berets and counting!)

  3. hi daan
    people maybe will think,oh yea berets are for old people,i cant wear that
    i wear a boina because i love gauchos,they wear them all the time,any age.unfortunatly in europe only older people wear the beret.put some gaucho pics,you got some nice one posted over the years

  4. I have been following this site for a few years, and I have to say that I love the fact that you have pictures of *real* people. I recommend staying away from the green -- it just looks *odd*, but the old and wrinkled: those are real folks. Not everyone is a model, or even good looking and we ALL get old.

    JJ (from Cascadia)

  5. Hi Daan - the pictures are superb - like the Beret itself they speak of a more 'honest time'. If that makes sense?..while I'm on (and I must admit I have not checked the whole web site) does Groucho Marx get a mention anywhere? - a great man for the Beret in later years............