Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Espinosa 24
Most berets sold by South Pacific Berets go to the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and Canada (in that order).
Czech Radiovka 265
My statistics tell me that practically none of the Red Berets go there, with the exception of Australia (I have to admit, the Aussies are more daring and unconventional, when it comes to berets...). 
Tolosa Tupida with Moroccan Leather Headband
Interestingly, it's not a world-wide phenomenon. Red berets are among the most popular in South America, where they are worn mainly by the gaucho's and during equestrian events.
Gauchos, Argentina
And the, of course, there are the many festivals, in France and Spain, where a red beret is compulsory gear. 
Tolosa Tupida Plato Grande 35cm
I have to admit that I don't wear my red berets that often, but I am very fond of my little French beret with the logo of motor club Les Petrolettes Dauphinoises.
My small diameter Petrolettes beret - not for sale!

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