Thursday, May 10, 2012

The NZ Series #23 - Sir Jon Trimmer (2)

12 November, 2009, I first wrote about Sir Jon Trimmer, the grand maestro of New Zealand ballet. At the time, I couldn't picture being friends with him, 1½ years later, but then again, it might be unavoidable, being beret wearers in a small capital like Wellington, NZ.
Over a couple of coffee's at Jimmy's the other day, I learned a bit more about Jon's fascination for berets. It all started some 60 years ago, just after the War, when an Italian opera group was touring New Zealand. Some of the singers wore berets, a novelty in the country at that time, and Jon (12 years old) was hooked. Unfortunately, it wasn't easy to find one for himself; it took a trip to the French Market in Auckland (600km's up north) to score his own.
Like dancing, he never stopped wearing a beret. Since last week, it's an Elósegui Super Lujo 242
Jon jokes that these days he mainly plays "old ladies and witches", which is bad for the continious growth of his moustache - lady roles require shaving. 

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