Sunday, February 16, 2014

Leather Berets

What is a Basque beret? I would say a reasonable definition would be something along these lines: a beret is a hat made of one piece of knitted wool in a circular shape which is felted and shrunk after the initial manufacturing (knitting and closing) is completed, with the remainder of the closing thread (the 'txortena', or 'wick') kept in place.
Following this definition, a leather cap in the shape of a beret is obviously not a Basque beret.
But then again, one doesn't always have to be a purist. Interesting berets (or caps, if you insist), in cow leather and deerskin.


  1. Great blog man. Thanks for sharing and will surely try to get one for myslef.

  2. Fantastic blog. I appreciate you sharing this, and I'm definitely going to make an effort to acquire one for myself.