Monday, February 17, 2014

The Brand New Custom Made Super Lujo's in Khaki and Brown!

With all the excitement about the 'Boneteria Auloronesa' berets, it's easy to forget there are more top quality berets, like my first love: Boinas Elósegui's Exposición Super Lujo
At the end of last year, I received my very first shipment of custom made Super Lujo's, in grey and "granate". Fantastic berets, absolute top quality and you'll find it hard to find these anywhere else.
Now these berets are also available in the custom made colours BROWN and KHAKI!
Available here:


  1. I fully agree with your statement Dutchman! As a Spaniard-Basque man, Spanish Boina maker ELOSEGUI are the top of the line boina for all walks of life and especially for us roughians living now in North America.

    Surprisingly enough, my first boina was an ELOSEGUI basica that i bought from you! By the way, will you be bringing back the basica? If so, let me know! The Spanish knives you offer from Extremena Brand are top of the line as well. Keep up the good work.

  2. "Berets are for happy people" - this is from me ;-)

    Daan, you're looking so happy with your new beret!

    Bobbel Boy and I are dreaming of a "summer beret" and we are hoping, that this dream will come true in summer 2014... thanks southpacificberets ;-)