Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ensouled Berets by Pupak

These berets  are made by the artisan Pupak, who uses wool right off the sheep. They can be worn as planetary remedies, or to attune with the energy of a particular planet. Fits around the head above the ears of an adult or over the ears of a child.
"In the days of old, when people engaged their hands, hearts, and mind to make the basic necessities of life, most things were ensouled.  You can tell it by the object’s soulful quality.  It has a qualitative vibration.

A well-crafted, hand-made and ensouled item is an endangered species in our present cultural climate. It is something in good need of nurturing back into life.  Mainly because of economic competition with cheap labour, hand-made goods have been sidelined and cut in price.  At the same time many thousands, no millions of people are ‘looking’ for jobs, for livelihoods.  
How about looking closer at home and allowing ourselves to develop our innate soulful and crafty selves through our hand-made goods?  And the ‘unemployment’ pain would dissolve of its own accord."

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