Sunday, October 5, 2014

Laulhère's Brand New Video - A Scoop for The Beret Project!

South Pacific Berets was given the privilege to launch Laulhère's new commercial. A beautiful short film combining origins, history, artisan beret manufacturing and contemporary fashion. 
Laulhère is France's oldest beret manufacturer. Working with unsurpassed raw materials, traditional hand-crafted production, and age-old know-how, Laulhère’s workshops all come together to make the beret a noble product. It takes two full working days to make one, and sometimes longer, and a vast number of checks and adjustments to make each item a unique piece.

Laulhère’s products are made of pure Merino virgin wool from the best flocks around the world. A noble and living raw material which through a complex manufacturing process gives their berets the high quality Laulhère is famous for: softness, water resistance and durability, thanks to exceptionally fine and sense fibres.

The products are knitted and felted using naturally brown raw wool, then are dyed with mixtures of pigments based on recipes perfected in-house over the years. The process demands great care and dexterity to make sure the dye “takes” evenly across the entire surface of the beret and reaches the exact colour desired, again and again. But it also achieves beautiful depth and brightness.

The unique dying, shaping, and shaving processes all add to our particular quality. At every stage our quality team verifies every little detail in order to achieve the high standards that Laulhère proudly advertise.

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