Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shepherds Cheese of the Haut-Béarn

"Les Bergers du Haut-Béarn" ("Shepherds of the High Beam") is a group of artisan cheese producers who formed a collective to market their products.
The cheeses are all hand made on their farms in winter or "on location" at the high summer pastures over summer. 
It begins with the Pyreneen soil, which is rich and oily, taking advantage of the Pyrenees rainfall and the micro climates of the valleys. Then comes the transhumance, the migration to the high pastures over summer. In spring, the Shepherds of haut-Béarn leave their villages in a festive atmosphere. They lead the herds of cows, sheep and goats for several days to reach the summer pastures. All summer, they make the typical and tasty cheeses. In autumn, they descend into the valleys to protect animals and refine the cheese. It is an age-old tradition that continues today.

Naturally, the labels of the cheeses show prominently the headgear of the shepherds/cheesemakers...


  1. I love goat cheese!

  2. ohhh i LOVE Basque goat cheese too! Love that Spanish cheese!!