Friday, September 30, 2016


José Manuel Ibar Azpiazu was born on May 14, 1943, in the Basque town of Aizarnazabal. He was the second of ten brothers and became known as Urtain, referring to the village of Cestona where he spent all his childhood.
Since 1960, living in Cestona, José Manuel stood out in typical Basque sports as aizkolari (cutting logs), Harri-jasotzea  (stone lifting) and idi probak (stone dragging by oxen).
Urtain enjoyed great fame and popularity in his time as a boxer. Urtain became a household name in popular culture. In 2004 the writer Juan Bas published the work La cuenta atrás, loosely based on the biography of Urtain. In 2008 the theater company Animalario premiered at the National Drama Center  the work "Urtain", based on the life of boxer.

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