Sunday, January 7, 2018

Bruery Beret

The Bruery is a microbrewery established in Placentia, California. The brewery was founded by Patrick Rue in 2008. Belgian tradition has been a big influence in the brewery’s brewing methods and the types of beers produced. The Bruery does not engage in beer filtration and pasteurization so beers always come out fresh and organic for people to enjoy. Many beers go through bottle conditioning for carbonation. The Bruery strives to use unconventional beer ingredients that create unique and distinctive flavors. The brewery has at least 15 types of beers that come in wide range of ingredients, characters and flavors.
Beret is as artistic as those who wear its namesake cap. Our brewers developed a silky, full-bodied wheat ale which we began fermenting with our house yeast strain. To finish the fermentation, we added our collection of barnyard bacteria, intended to slowly sour the ale, bringing out a slight funk and refreshing piquancy. Finally, a small dose of pureed raspberries were added for just a hint of fruity tannins, putting the berry in Beret.

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