Saturday, January 27, 2018

Reinhart Dozy

Many berets on Reinhart Dozy's painting 'Boerenfeest te Elp' (early 20th century).
Dutch born Dozy left the art academy in Antwerp in 1899. In 1903, Dozy went to Paris for a learning period in the studio of F. Humbert. Here he made friends with the young Georges Braque and got acquainted with Picasso.
In 1911 he had a house built in Elp (Dutch province of Drenthe) and in 1918 he became a member of the Groninger artists' circle De Ploeg and made friends with the Groningen painter Johan Dijkstra. They painted the farmland of Groningen and Drenthe to keep the memory of the simple country life. His house in Elp was a hiding place for Jews during WW II. In 1943 he was imprisoned for his resistance work in Camp Vught, but survived. 

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