Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Crystal Birch Berets

Crystal Birch is a maverick milliner whose irreverent designs of classic hats have become beloved adornments on the heads of South Africa’s fashion conscious.
Born in Pretoria, Crystal studied fashion design at Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion in Stellenbosch. Never one to follow the status quo, Crystal decided to skip the conventional fashion design route and go straight to the top(hat).
She spent time in London honing her skills under the guidance of Noel Stewart and Piers Atkinson, arguably two of Europe’s finest talents in the art of hat-making. Styling and creating are second nature to Crystal, and she regards every opportunity to assemble, or create with her hands as an opportunity to develop her own aesthetic.
Widely regarded as one of the country’s most daring stylists, her renewed focus on hats will undoubtedly reinvent the headscape of South Africa.

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