Thursday, February 1, 2018

Nathan Mottrom's SAS Beret

A brave British teen was awarded an SAS beret by a WW2 veteran after undergoing 23 major operations in his short life.
Nathan Mottrom, 13, has a number of medical conditions including Klippel-Feil syndrome, a rare skeletal disorder where the bones in the spinal column fuse together and make movement very restricted.
Nathan has always wanted to join the army cadets but been unable to because of his health. The latest operation he endured, at Alder Hey hospital in January, lasted for eight hours.
During a school assembly, WW2 veteran John Dennett presented Nathan with the coveted SAS beret on behalf of the Royal British Legion and the Special Air Service - an honour awarded only to the elite of the Special Forces and recognised throughout the world as a symbol of excellence.
John Phipps, from ‘D-Day Revisited’ read out a letter to Nathan from the Legion and the SAS which praised his “tremendous courage and dignity” and “steadfast determination to overcome adversity”.

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