Thursday, June 14, 2018

Cooking with Vince

Vincent William Pernicano (1943 – 2016) would joke that his father had him working the family pizzeria/catering business from the time he could reach the sink on a wooden box.
Actually, Vince began working for the Sears Corp., becoming a department manager which led to management positions in Washington, Oregon and Montana. He opened the Southgate Mall Sears store in 1978 and in doing so he fulfilled a childhood dream of coming to Montana after writing a story about the state in elementary school.
Hunting wild game was everything to Vince who also made it his mission to teach hunters how to properly dress and cook their wild game so as not to waste any of the meat. To accomplish that mission Vince belonged to the Outdoor Writers Association of America writing numerous "Cooking With Vince" cookbooks, and offering cooking seminars and TV wild life cooking classes KECI-TV. Vince's weekly recipes under the title, "Wildlife Chef Vince" were carried in several Montana newspapers.

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