Friday, June 29, 2018

On Presidents and Refugees

A bit of history Mr Trump and some fellow politicians could learn from today... (not in the least Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán). 
The largest wave of refugees in Europe’s post-WWII history were the Hungarians fleeing the country after the crushing of the revolution and freedom fight in 1956. In the weeks after the second, overwhelming, Soviet military intervention on November 4,1956, 200,000 Hungarians set out on foot in the harsh winter, avoiding roads and paths, each with a single bundle on their backs, crossing minefields and barbed wire to reach the Western and Southern borders to Austria and Yugoslavia. 
The refugees were received warmly and with great empathy by the people on the other side of the border; authorities set up refugee camps and Western democracies rushed to offer places for the refugees. In the next two years, all of the Hungarians found a home in the free world, were given free education and helped to find work.
Hungarian refugees at the Immigration Building at Vancouver airport on Dec. 6, 1956
This excerpt from a U.S. news reel is part of the Prelinger Archives collection.

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