Wednesday, July 31, 2019


One of the most favourite berets of all times is the Italian made basco Roma. 
The Basco Roma is the quintessential Italian beret. A beret that was worn by many, if not most, Italian factory workers, fishermen and peasants mid 21st century, hence it's Italian name 'Basco Popolare Operaio Uomo' or 'Popular Workers Beret'.
The Roma is traditionally only available in Black and Navy. Due to it's popularity, South Pacific Berets has these berets custom made in Bordeaux and Grey too; all in a one-size-fit-all model, fitted with satin lining and made on special order by Bascificio A. Setti.
A much larger range of colours can be found in our own range of Aotearoa Qui-Oui berets that are practically identical to the "real" Roma. 

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