Friday, October 18, 2019


My Serbian friend Darko, aka Dedadarko (which means Grandpa' Darko) sent me these great pictures of a boinero from the Balkans.
In Darko's own words: "Some odd reasons produce my nick. One of them definitely is my habit to wear a beret in everyday life. I started drawing seriously in the late 90's, but since 2003 I've been a working artist. Which may represent a 95% kind of  humble (while working alone in studio) and 5% kind of glamorous lifestyle (exhibition openings, workshops etc.)".
"I'm a co-creator of the comic-book Technotise, which led to producing and the making of the first Serbian animated Sci-Fi movie Technotise - Edit and I
Nowadays, I mostly make illustrations for the magazine "Politikin Zabavnik", ...l also illustrated books  and did various freelance commissioned artwork".
"I spent my military service in the navy on the training/sailing ship Jadran, and since then I'm a keen wearer of military hats of any kind... but berets are my favorite... and  my designated beret color is navy blue, of course :) ".
"I've got some 30 berets. Mostly military, but nowadays I prefer band-less berets only, and no liner either.
Also, I must admit that in the last decade most info about berets came to me via the internet and is somehow related with the great amount of work you put in your blog. So Daan, thanks for that".
And you too, Darko! I am humbled and proud to have some beautiful Dedadarko originals hanging in my house.

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