Monday, October 14, 2019

The Return of the Japanese!

Berets are big in Japan and have been for many decades.
Apart from a good presence of imported French and Spanish berets, most berets are made in Japan. As it happens, Japan may have the largest number of quality beret manufacturers within its borders and these berets are made to a very high standard.
Most famous are the DEER Basques, made by Kongo-Shokai until the company’s closure in 2014. Since then, I have been searching for adequate alternatives, but it was hard to find a compatible brand.
Now South Pacific Berets has found two that very much live up to the “DEER Standard”: the Shigematsu beret in 9.5p (26.5cm) and the Flamingo 10p (28cm).
The first is a universal model (sized at 57.5cm but can easily be stretched to the largest head size), while the latter has a most comfortable elastic headband (like the DEER Basques, for those in the know). All models are made in the finest quality merino wool.
These berets are typical examples of Japanese berets with the raised roof of the beret and having a more plumb, rounded appearance. The appearance of these berets is larger than the stated diameter.
The small number presently in stock sell at the manufacturer's website price; more stock will come in soon (but cost will rise).

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