Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Florian Yuriev's UFO

Florian Yuriev is Ukrainian artist, architect, composer and critic, born in Siberia in 1929. Yuriev graduated from the Irkutsk College of Arts, Kiev Art Institute and the Moscow Printing Institute.
One of his creations is what the residents Kiev affectionately call the "Flying Saucer". During construction, Yuriev was told by the construction workers that it was impossible to build such a building that it would collapse. 
Florian Yuriev overlooking the building of the shopping mall, surrounding the UFO
He did it anyway. Now a shopping center is said to grow from the pit next door. The Ufo is said to become part of the mall without Juriev's approval: it will bite his creation...
Now the UFO is taking second place from Levi's and snack billboards. 

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