Thursday, July 23, 2020

Jean-Marie Arrus

Jean-Marie Arrus was a comedian, famous in his native Alsace and Haut-Rhin department.
Arrus was born in Colmar, in an Alsatian dialect speaking family. Early on in life, Arrus knew he wanted to be a clown, fascinated by the world of entertainment.
It was in 1989 that he managed to get noticed by succeeding, among 250 candidates, the selections for the television program "La Classe" on FR3.
He created the Colmar Laughter Festival, which later became the Colmar Humor Festival. His show "Que des Histoires" was a comic one-man show  aimed at an Alsatian-Mosellan audience, where he successively pitched a gallery of Alsatians caricatured characters, such as "Berry" the "Bür" (Alsatian peasant), "Madame Ida" the cleaning lady, and others. His sketch on the "Alsatian Breathalyzer" has been viewed over a million times on Youtube.
Jean-Marie Arrus died on Wednesday August 22, 2018 at the age of 62 at the Strasbourg Civil Hospital (France, Bas-Rhin).

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