Thursday, July 30, 2020

Guido Keller

Guido Keller fulfilled his dream twelve years ago with his wine trade and started a second professional life. Before starting his own business, he had a solid job, but something was missing …
Keller does not know how many wine bottles are waiting for connoisseurs. "There are around 130 varieties," he says. "But how many bottles, no idea." What is much more important for the 65-year-old Degerlocher: he knows a story for every wine. Because he knows many of the winegrowers personally, he can tell how things are at each winery. "I love wines from the niche of small family businesses," he says.
Guido Keller has owned his beret for twelve years. It doesn't matter where you meet him, he has it on his head. And there is a little story about that too. It is about a wine trip to Italy 12 years ago: the owner of a winery - also called Guido - wore a beret and put it on him. 
Since then, the beret has grown on Guido. In the morning, when he leaves the house, he pulls it up and puts on his clef earring - "and then I'm the Guido". Guido Keller laughs. "I'm just a guy who likes something extravagant." He also says of himself: "I've always been a connoisseur."

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