Saturday, August 29, 2020

Freek Verhoeven & De Colonjes

After his retirement, Freek Verhoeven turned his love for wine into a serious hobby. As an amateur winemaker he planted a first hectare of vines in 2001 and soon got his brother involved as well. Not being youngsters anymore they realized soon they needed some help.
Adam Dijkstra was at the right place at the right moment. His intention was to follow a winemaking study in South Africa. While his bags were already packed, he decided to make a different choice and follow a viticulture education in Germany instead. The opportunity to help continue this winery was one that you do not get every day.
Wijnhoeve De Colonjes is now one of the largest wineries in the Netherlands. The vineyards are situated in three locations around Groesbeek. From the beginning Freek’s mission was to work as sustainable as possible.
The obvious choice was to plant hybrid grape varieties like Johanniter, Solaris, Muscaris, Helios and Cabernet Blanc to produce white wines. They even had the honor to name a new hybrid after their vineyard, the Cabernet Colonjes. Red wines are produced from Regent, Pinotin and Cabernet Cortis.  What started merely as a hobby in 2001 has now become a 13 hectares winery.

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