Sunday, August 23, 2020

How To And How Not To (#2)

The June 2009 post 'How To And How Not To' is one of the most read posts on this blog with some 25.000 views!
It definitely shows there is a desire for guidance on how to wear a beret, also shown by the many videos on YouTube on the subject.
Although my adage still is: wear your beret any way that makes you feel comfortable wearing it, some notes could be useful here.   
There was a time that leaning your beret to the left marked your affiliation with leftist politics and v.v. for the right.
Patch released by FDJ (the communist youth German Democratic Republic) in memory of Tamara Bunke
Muslims in the former Yugoslavia that took to berets as an acceptable head cover (wearing the traditional fez or skull cap was not recommended in Tito's socialist Yugoslavia, while berets were associated with WWII partisans) typically pulled the beret back over the head, keeping the forehead free.
Bosnian Muslim from Lukomir
The typical peasants and farmers in France pulled a peak to the from of the beret, shielding the eyes from sun. 
Then there are the likes of Benny Hill, Michael Crawford and André van Duin who pulled the beret right over their head, creating a comical "village idiot" look. 
So many ways to style your beret, but in essence, it doesn't matter... One of the great things about a beret is its versatility and, in good association with many of its famous adepts, the freedom it represents to do what you feel is good.

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