Saturday, August 8, 2020

John Campbelljohn

Born in 1955 in Cape Breton NS, Canada, John grew up surrounded by the rich Cape Breton Island culture of Scottish jigs, reels and strathspeys. 
But at an early age he discovered the power of the blues shuffle. He studied the blues masters as a teenager and eventually put together a blues rock combo. John toured relentlessly throughout the country winning numerous awards for his record releases, guitar playing and songwriting ability.
During his career John has been featured on recordings, live shows and TV productions that include names like Sting, Joni Mitchell, Emmy Lou Harris, Leonard Cohen, Joe Ely, Willie Nelson, Robben Ford & Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) Sony Television & Showtime TV.
John’s sophisticated and progressive approach to song writing gives him a distinctive edge, mixing rock, blues, reggae, Celtic & country into his signature style. The result is a roots driven sound that can pummel the audience into submission one moment, while captivating them with its subtlety the next.

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