Thursday, August 18, 2022


It is the kind of news item I would make up for my April Fool’s day posts, but no, it’s not 1 April and dead serious – as published in La République of 16 August:

“The Laulhère factory in Oloron Sainte Marie, which has been making berets since 1840, has stopped regular production of the brown beret. From now on, it will only manufacture them on order in batches in sufficient quantity”.

The brown beret is traditionally the festive beret in Béarn. In the Ossau valley, it is traditionally worn by the population during village festivals, such as in Laruns, Béost and Bielle.

Luckily, boineros are not dependent on Laulhère; the very best French made berets are the Auloronesa and Orthesa Universels and both are available in a beautiful brown.

For summer wear, Le Béret Français offers the French made Printemps model in earth-brown.

For a few more days, the Grof (Count) models -also in brown-  by UČA is on Special at $27.50.

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