Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Sándor Ambrus

István Ambrus Sándor (1959 –2008) was a sculptor and graphic designer from Transylvania.

His great-grandfather and grandfather were stonemasons and he learned a lot from the latter in his childhood and consciously prepared for the sculpting career. He studied sculpture at the Ion Andreescu University of Fine Arts in Cluj -Napoca until 1983. Instead of a job as an art teacher, he chose the status of a freelance artist. He was a window dresser, a stonemason, and later worked in a goldsmith's workshop. He started sculpting in his studio in Cluj. He had individual and group exhibitions in and around Cluj and also guided Hungarian tourist groups in Transylvania.

He met Ferenc Szeverin, the manager of the Dombóvár Gallery. Thanks to him, he moved to Hungary in 1989. After the initial occasional jobs, he made unique jewellery and sculptures. He created the wall and parapet coverings of the Festival Theater in MÜPA in the capital, as well as the scenery for the performance of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble in Kalotaszeg.

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