Saturday, March 2, 2024

Norman Scarth

Norman Scarth (1925) is a British World War II veteran, political candidate, former farmer, and blogger. He has unsuccessfully stood for Parliament three times and has been at the centre of controversy in several legal cases.

Scarth served on HMS Matchless in the Arctic convoys of World War II, receiving a medal from the Russian government in 1995.

In 1990, Scarth argued that he was not wearing a seat belt because he was about to commit suicide, but his defence was not accepted by the court. Scarth spent four years in jail and two years in a psychiatric hospital, which he says was part of a conspiracy against him.

In July 2011, Scarth, who represented himself, was sentenced to six months imprisonment for contempt of court for recording a court hearing and for "contempt for all lawyers and judges". In September an appeals court reduced the sentence to 12 weeks less one day and he was immediately released.

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