Monday, August 17, 2009

Beards and Berets

Interesting how many beret-wearers also sport a beard.
I am not an anthropologist, nor a sociologist or psychologist and can only guess what the reasons behind this phenomenon could be.
Possibly a strong affiliation with the sheep where the beret's wool comes from, or an overall desire to stay warm. Possibly a desire to hide one's head and face from view, although this shyness clashes with the attention that both berets and beards can generate...
A show of masculinity could be another reason, but then, so many women wear a beret as well these days, so that would be merely compensation.
Anyway, doing a little research on the subject rewarded me with some beautiful pictures; (from top to bottom) this 'far from shy' man from Cuba, a man at the University Library of Missouri, a bearded beret-wearer in Coolea, County Cork and this older Indian gentleman in Rajasthan.
And last, this bearded jazzman outside Newcastle University Union:

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