Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wine (5)

Read here the fascinating story of Mike Grgich, a Croatian vintner in California's Napa Valley. Previously, a frugal sheepherder who started wearing his trademark beret because he was burned by the cost of losing an umbrella.

“When I went to University of Zagreb, I had no father, no mother. I had to support myself, and I came to Zagreb, which has lots of rain, like Seattle. So I bought an umbrella. I lived seven miles from university and going to the university and back I had only one choice, and that was streetcar,” he says. “One day, I left the umbrella on the streetcar. … I was walking down the street one day and I saw the French beret. I had no money to buy a new umbrella, but I had enough to buy a beret. I thought that will be to protect my head and I am never going to lose it because I could fold it up and keep it in my pocket. And since that moment on, this was my head.”

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