Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dictators and Pacifists

I can't think think of any other garment that is so universally adopted by both the pacifists and dictators of our world than the beret.
No, I don't believe Stalin and Hitler ever wore a beret, but Francisco Franco

Saddam Hussein

and Hugo Chavez
were/are very professional in posing with a beret on their heads. Ché Guevara, though not a dictator in the strict sense of the word, doesn't need any more mentioning - he is the iconic beret wearer. The far left and the far right in politics obviously agree on one thing, at least.

Because, on the other side we see people like Heinrich Böll, Pablo Picasso and

Abbé Pierre

(here in the good company of the Dalai Lama).

It's easier to make an observation than an analysis; how do we explain the beret being a favourite of such far apart groups? I personally believe it must have something to do with the txortena, or it's absence. Where it seems to function as an aerial with the higher being for the good people on this earth, I notice the complete absence of a txortena on dictator's headgear and military berets.

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