Thursday, August 20, 2009


Despite an old animosity (inherited from the British and well fed by nuclear testing in the South Pacific and French Government terrorism against the Rainbow Warrior), New Zealanders and Frenchmen have a few things in common.

Like rugby. A dangerous subject for me to write about, as I am one of the very few Kiwi's who hasn't got a clue on what rugby is about (which some 'round here find unforgivable).

I do appreciate the come back of the beret among the younger French - thanks to rugby. Take these World Cup logo embroidered berets or this one with the badge of Rochelais Atlantigue.
Or oversized txapela's like this one (what's French about a txapela anyway?), seen at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, before the match between Wales and France:

Better even, this Frenchman playing rugby with a beret on his head!

I never knew there was something like a beret tradition in Wales, but (thanks to rugby?), one can find nicely embroidered berets among Welshmen these days.

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