Monday, June 1, 2009

Le Béret by Philippe Jouvion

It has taken me a long time, but finally I managed to get hold of a copy of Philippe Jouvion's book "Le Béret".

Published in 1998 by Éditions du Rouergue, it was either extremely popular or a very small print run – it's a hard to find book only 11 years after its publication. Loaded with anecdotes and pictures it makes great reading (in French).

The focus is very much on the French beret; the history of the industry in the Béarn, French icons, the French resistance and military, companies like Blancq Olibet with short references to the Spanish history of boinas and the Spanish Civil War (nice photograph of Hemingway, donning his boina) and the beret in American movies (Faye Donaway in Bonnie and Clyde, for example).


A beautiful large size picture book. If interested, try to find a second hand copy through sites like or

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