Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the Blog of Cosmogono

From the Blog of Cosmogono:

"All cosmogonics, worthy of the name, must possess a beret to use when required; when composing, measuring, painting, inventing, discoursing, go to grand galas, or simply to take out into the fresh air. So it is essential that this matter is not amenable to negotiation. The beret (black, of course) is a gadget designed to protect the head, showing our love for the head, as we often don't pay due attention to the risk that our head fails us. The berets legitimate production can be Basque or French; I use an excellent, French, pure wool, "super exposition", size 59, which inside has a beautiful coat of arms embroidered chains of Navarre, Rosicrucian with two wolves, a lion plaguing a armored tower, among other symbols. For a brief and entertaining reading on this garment, see here.
Knights of Hispania: honor to the beret should never have been lost, and we display it in our meetings, events, discussion groups and coteries!. Do not let these "petit-maitres des boinados" be worn by the primacy of the intellect!"


  1. Long life to the Ancient Order of the Holy Beret, and glory for his best knight, Daan Kolthoff!

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