Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Day of the Gaucho Pajador

The Day of the Gaucho Pajador is celebrated on 30 January, the birth-date of poet and gaucho pajador  Jayme Caetano Braun (instant translation from Portuguese). 

A 'pajador' is a poet, who sings his verses impromptu (pajada) with the accompaniment of guitar, usually in milonga. The word 'pajador' has no agreed definition and is neither Spanish or Portuguese. Absent in classical dictionaries of any language, only in the vocabulary of regional countries in South America. 

Mendonça notes that there are some hypotheses about the origin of the word pajador: some authors claim it comes from "Payo", the name of the original inhabitant of Castile, others believe from "pagueador" and others that it originated from the word "palla", a name given by the Quichua Indians of the groups gathered to sing on the playa's.

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